The Robot Voyager

Einar Sneve Martinussen | 30. November 2011

Earlier this year we made a website for re-watching NRK's 5 day TV-marathon of Hurtigruta's voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes.

Robot Voyager is an automated coastal-shuffler. It replays random bits of Hurtigruta's voyage to the north, creating an endless stream of fjords, mountains, midnight sun, regional telly, freezing tourists and the occasional arctic storm.

Robot Voyager is is a coastal hat tip to James Bridle's wonderful Robot Flâneur and inspired by Chris Heatcote's thoughts on Ambient Tourism. It is meant to be a nice thing to put on an unused screen, and is an experiment in secondary attention and automated slow television. But most of all it is about longing for the sea. Ahoi!

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