Hoot hoot! - a new Ugle film

Einar Sneve Martinussen | 7. May 2012

Ugle is a wooden owl that can be controlled over the internet with an iPhone application. It let's you send colour-messages from your phone to your home. When you change the position of the colors on the owl on the screen, the physical owl turns it's head to the chosen color. It is a decorative personal message system where the household has to decide what the colours mean. We have just made a film that shows the owl in use.Ugle is a part of an ongoing project where we explore new forms for networked products in homes. Investigating materials, production quality, colours and pace as a way of bringing technology into domestic contexts. Ugle illustrates this approach by being a simple connection between an ornament and a phone application. It might be slightly nonsensical to use a wooden owl to send messages like this, but it is quite charming.

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