The Norwegian word barnetråkk roughly translates into "children's trails". Barnetråkk is a digital tool for involving kids in local planning processes. Together with Bengler and DOGA we designed a tool that enables kids to express their dismay, delight or desires about their local surroundings.

All new planning processes in Norway are required by law to include children and their viewpoints, but how do we gather and communicate these in a meaningful way? Barnetråkk approaches this as an interactive web application that enables kids to register their routes to school, where they play and how they feel about different locations in their hometown. This data is then made available for municipalities and planning authorities.

During the project, we conducted several user tests with school classes in and around Oslo.

For us, this was a very short project where we were hired to design the user interfaces and do front-end development of the web application. Additionally, we designed a simple visual identity to be used in communicational materials online and in print. The audience included planners, teachers and school kids alike.

The central concept for the interactions is a map-based interface where the kids can draw their everyday routes and paths with a pen, as well as a drag'n drop style interaction where they may place a range of stickers onto a map in order to indicate their activities at and sentiments about that spot.

We designed a playful and vibrant visual identity, using bright colors, bold typography and jolly illustrations. Together with the always brilliant illustrator Frode Skaren we designed a set of stickers that can be attached to different locations on a map. The stickers represent different activities, and positive and negative sentiments that the kids may have.

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