La Rinascente 100

For an OMA-designed historical exhibition of la Rinascente we contributed with conceptual development and project mangament for an exhibition piece that captures the contemporary life of the department store by visualising the wide variety of people, scenes, objects, and activities that take place in and around the centres across Italy.

Image: OMA

We developed a projection that fills the room with cascades of Instagram photos, animated and filtered in a variety of ways to create a vivid and mesmerising impression.

The content strategy is twofold. We extract data from real-time APIs to give a feeling of proximity while using historical digital imagery to acquire a breadth of media. Image classification APIs are be used to segment the historical database to allow us to focus the display on different aspects of the Rinascente experience: group photos, faces in specific emotional states, brands, colors.

The delivery consisted of two parts, one projection piece for the gallery exhibition inside the Palazzo Reale and a RGB-matrix screen for exhibition window outside the la Rinascente department store in Milano.

The project was performed in collaboration with Bengler and developed and animated by the crafty and skilfull hands and minds at Internet Friends Forever.

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