Immaterials - RFID

In 2009 we worked on a series of material and spatial explorations of RFID as a part of a design-research project called Touch run by Timo Arnall at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. This project investigated possibilities and challenges with RFID-technologies in products and interactions. Material explorations and visualisations became an important part of this, and resulted in a series of images and films.

The films ‘Immaterials: the ghost in the field‘ and ‘Immaterials: unraveling the antenna‘ where made together with Timo Arnall and Jack Schulze of BERG. Our responsibility in the creating of these visualizations where developing the instruments and rigs used to light-paint RFID fields.

‘Immaterials: the ghost in the field’ has been a well received in popular media and across the internet. The film was also included in MoMA’s 2011 interaction design exhibition ‘Talk to Me‘.

For more details on this project, see Timo Arnall’s weblog-post for Touch or Jack Schulze’s post for BERG.

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